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 Haves & Wants of Mr Sage

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PostSubject: Haves & Wants of Mr Sage   Haves & Wants of Mr Sage I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 10, 2009 12:21 am

I'm buying the following stuff:
---Young Twig
---Mother's Nightmare
---Pocket Watch
---Angeling Cards
---Archangeling Cards
---Doppelganger Cards
---Valhalla Flower
---Light Epsilon
---+10 stat enchanting foods
---Bloody Branches

Currently I'm selling the following stuff:

1x Sniper Card
1x Ktullanux Card
1x Detale Card
3x Ifrit Card
1x Eddga Card
1x Stormy Knight Card
4x Kiel Card
2x Maya Card
1x Mistress Card
1x Ungoliant Card
2x Moonlight Flower Card
1x Lady Tanee Card
5x RSX Card
1x Drake Card
1x Bapho Card
1x Chi Card
2x Abys Knight Card
5x Dark Priest Card
1x Deviling Card
3x Monkey King Card

2x Sniping Suit
1x Stovepipe Set
1x Dawn Set
1x +9 Naga Shield
1x +10 Trigon
4x Wickana Hat
4x Valk Shoes
4x Bass Guitar
1x Doom Slayer
2x Mysteltainn
6x Lucious's Fierce Armor of Volcano
1x Megingjard
1x Muscle Cutter
4x Tendrillon Skin
1x Bardiche
1x Brocca
2x Diablos Ring
1x Grimtooth
4x Heart Breaker
4x Lord Kaho Horns

5x Crow Wings (just bring me the rest... free for guildies)
Xx Breath of Spirit
9x Will of red Darkness
Xx Ora Ora
1x Fether of Angel
1x Freyas Jewel

IGN --> Mr Sage
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Haves & Wants of Mr Sage
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